About ActorsSpot

My name is Richard de Maaré, founder and owner of ActorsSpot.com

For 25 years I’ve been working as an actor and have had a broad range of drama-training, workshops and masterclasses.
I soon learned the greatest challenge of acting: getting spotted. Like other actors I looked for jobs on the internet and presented myself on different websites. But I realized it could be much better. Why wasn't there one Spot, where you could present yourself really well? Where you could share all the info about yourself that you consider relevant, where you can easily be found by the right people? That's how the idea for ActorsSpot came about.
ActorsSpot is a unique, professional and easy-to-use tool for everyone involved in acting. Young and old, inexperienced and experienced. A place to present yourself in a unique way and make it easier to find a job in this wonderful business, as well as a very practical and easy-to-use tool for clients like directors and casting agencies to search for, and find actors.
I sincerely hope ActorsSpot can make a difference in the careers of everyone who uses it. 

Richard de Maaré


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