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About ActorsSpot: is an online platform where actors can show themselves and their skills, and where clients, like producers and casting agencies, can easily find and contact the actor they are looking for. is a professional and comprehensive website that allows you to display all your relevant information. By adding your photos, videos and CV you will be able to give potential clients a good impression of who you are and what you do. Clients can use our extensive search filter to find actors that meet his or her criteria. 

**Plus and **Pro subscribers are able to respond to casting calls. Whenever you respond to a call, the client will receive a notification with a link to your profile. It's important to make sure your profile is up to date with good, recent pictures. Adding a showreel will give clients an even better impression of you, your skills and your appearance on film. Make sure your showreel is short. Clients are not likely to watch for more than 2 minutes - one minute mey even be long! Make your showreel as short as possible while showing the greatest possible diversity.


Clients: producers / directors / casting agencies / filmmakers / etc

With our extensive search criteria a client will be able to search for any particular trait, skill or level. You can filter your results to the very detail. The results can then be stored as a group, which can be shared with third parties such as directors or producers. You can change your group at all times: remove actors, add or rename the group. You can e-mail all actors within one group with one simple click. Or you can send your selection to a casting agency. The agency can then contact the actors or invite them for an audition.

As a client, you'll be able to post casting calls free of charge. You will receive a notification when actors respond to your call. You can specify whether you want to receive notification for every response or per 5 or 10 responses. You as the client will be able to see how many times a call is viewed. All actors who have responded can also be saved as a group, which you can then adjust to your liking, share with others or invite actors for an audition.


**Plus package: free of charge.

As a Plus subscriber, you will be able to create a profile with CV and a biography and add up to 30 photos, 30 videos and 30 voice clips and respond to casting calls. 

**Pro package: for €5,- per year!

As a Pro subscriber, gets the same profile And!, you will get an extra 'personal' website, designed to look like a home page, with buttons to navigate to your photo gallery, video gallery, biography and CV. This page will have a personal link, so you can easily forward your page to others or share on social media.


With Acteursspot, we do not have a term of notice. You can unsubscribe any time by removing your profile - all your data are then deleted from our database. Plus and pro subscribers will get an email reminder 2 weeks before your subscription expires. If you take no action, your profile will be automatically changed into an Plus package and your subscription will be automatically renewed for one year for free.

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