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Meriyem Manders - Feature film 30-10-2014

Acteursspot has cast Meriyem Manders for a part in the feature film 'Dans Met De Duivel'(Dans with the devil).

A thrilling story in which a man (Raymond Thiry) who puts a woman (Liselotte van Dijk) under pressure while he's fighting to change his own life at the same time.

Meriyem, known from Spangas(Dutch soap series), plays an ultra bitch hotel manager and thinks to have everything under control until she meets Charles... 



Madelein Grunberger arrives in Amsterdam with her daughter Zoey to start a new life after the death of her ex-husband. Maddy and Zoey are on arrival taken by two government agents, Pronk and Van der Zwan. Pronk give Maddy a gun, a photograph and the message: "You kill this man within the hour or your daughter dies." Then there is a race against time to clarify whether Maddy could save her daughter from the clutches of this corrupt company or she will have to pull the trigger. What would you do? 

Produced and directed by John de Haas en Angelo Perez Lebbink.

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