profielfoto Acteursspot celebrates it’s 3rd birthday 04-10-2016

Today Oktober 4, Acteursspot already celebrates it’s 3rd birthday! Wow!! :)

Incredibly cool to see how Acteursspot has found it’s way to a prominent place within the world of this beautiful craft: theatre, tv and film.

About 500 registered clients are now using Acteursspot in their search for actors and actresses for a variety of jobs in the Netherlands and Belgium. Schools and students are using Acteursspot for their projects, casting agencies use it as an extension of their own files and directors complement their cast for theater, film, internet, TV and more. But also companies, advertising agencies and photographers are making good use of Acteursspot for their projects.

Furthermore Acteursspot collaborated with Shortcutz Amsterdam,Eindhovens Film Festival and the 48 Hour Film Project - Nederland as a partner. Besides this I’ve been asked as a casting director for various projects. Amongst others I have casted and co-produced the CST commercial and I’ve directed and play-directed 350 short videos for an online softskill platform New Heroes, founded by Schouten & Nelissen. An amazing experience!

Thanks to the work Acteursspot brings me, Acteursspot is able to exsist. With this income I can maintain the site. Acteursspot is completely free of charge, for actors and clients. Acteursspot therefore generates no income.

By bringing Acteursspot under attention in entire Europe, I want to offer a tool to filmmakers filming in another country, to find and contact actors living in that country. This principle is already working: simply select the country in which you are looking for actors. Each actor on Acteursspot has already entered the country in which he or she resides. And so it is mainly a matter of promotion and broadening of my network.

Since it’s birth, Acteursspot has grown with an average of 1000 users per year in the Netherlands and Belgium. And with the goal in mind to go European, I look forward to great and new experiences with Acteursspot.

I am proud to be able to help actors and clients find each other through Acteursspot.

Richard de Maaré

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