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Name Chanel
» actress » extra
Nationality Dutch
Lives in The Netherlands
Social media
Visible only to producers
Physical appearance Visibile only to producers
Acting age between age 12 and 16
Disciplines movies, theatre, musical, voice actor, voice-over, stunts, training actor
Productions film, short movie, student movie, exam movie, 48 hours film, company movie, videoclip, television, internet, stage, musical, theatre, commercial, filmfestival movie, photography
Completed trainings other, see bio
Followed workshops Nee
Works as.. amateur actor
Experience 4 years of experience
Experience level experienced
Self employed? nee
Has a VAR/WUO declaration? nee
Works internationally? nee
Speaks the following languages: German, English, English (American), English (British), Dutch
Accepts paid assignments? ja
Accepts unpaid assignments? ja
Has the following driving licenses: other, see bio
Hobbies Dansen, zingen


I'm chanel i love to zing dance en act. I want to do it more


Download cv View my resumé or download it as pdf file.

Work experience (3)

year type genre title part director producer
2019-2020 film action Hollands hoop Figurant Weet ik niet Hollands hoop
2020 stage children Ploeg Een heks Anne peter Ploeg
2019 musical children Brandende liefdw Zingen Dorothee Ploeg



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