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Name Lisa
» actress » extra » model
Nationality Dutch
Lives in The Netherlands
Social media
Visible only to producers
Physical appearance Visibile only to producers
Acting age between age 18 and 35
Disciplines movies, theatre, musical, voice actor, voice-over, stunts, training actor
Productions film, short movie, 48 hours film, company movie, videoclip, television, stage, musical, theatre, commercial, filmfestival movie, photography, other, see bio
Completed trainings Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Tilburg
Followed workshops Zang- en dansworkshop Plan Nederland kinderkoor
´Hoe presenteer ik mezelf´ LAKS leerlingenraad
Workshop Zangtechniek CVT Orientatieklas zangRead more? Log in first
Works as.. professional actor
Experience 10 years of experience
Experience level professional
Self employed? ja
Has a VAR/WUO declaration? nee
Works internationally? ja
Speaks the following languages: German, English, Dutch
Accepts paid assignments? ja
Accepts unpaid assignments? nee
Has the following driving licenses: B: car
Hobbies Zingen, acteren, lezen, skiien, snowboarden, natuur, dieren


Acteerervaring TV 

Hoofdrol TV commercial Smartgames ‘Penguins on ice’ (Internationaal)

Hoofdrol TV commercial Jumb.. Read more? Log in first



Campagne Powerslim


There are no voiceclips


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